The team

The Posske research group is part of the I. Institute for Theoretical Physics and the cluster of excellence 'Advanced Imaging of Matter' at the Universität Hamburg. We currently conduct the ERC Starting Grant project QUANTWIST, looking for stable topological quantum spin systems with applications in quantum technologies.

Head of group

Thore Posske

Thore likes physics 'with a twist'. He is particulary interested in topologically robust phenomena in spin chains, anyons, and Majorana fermions with a possible application to quantum computing. He also works on the Kondo effect for topological electronic phases with special focus on the Kondo cloud as well magnetic and superconducting materials at the edge states of topological insulators and hybrid systems consisting of a trivial insulator and a topological insulator.


Martin Bonkhoff (PhD)

Martin's heart beats bosonization. As expert for anyons in ERC Starting Grant project QUANTWIST, Martin tries to bosonize or apply other field theoretical tools to low-dimensional theories and to extract the particles' character.

PhD candidates

Jannis Neuhaus-Steinmetz (MSc)

Jannis is interested in the interplay of magnetism and superconductivity to create topologically nontrivial electronic phases. To achieve his goals, he focusses on tight-binding and Monte-Carlo calculations for realistic systems.

Felix Gerken (MSc)

Felix is passionate about the topological spin phases. He considers a vast range of analytical tool, including Hopf algebras, the Bethe ansatz, and fusion categories for fining exact solutions to low-dimensional spin models with boundaries.

Ioannis Ioannidis (MSc)

Giannis quest is to understand the Majorana modes in the novel platform of magnetic adatoms on superconductors. He is interested in magnetic manipulation, spin resonances, and time-dependent methods.

Anshuman Tripathi (MSc)

Anshuman wants to study topological effects in spin structures. An intriguing question is if nonlinear sigma models will help achieve the analytical insight he strives for

Tim Matthies

Tim is longing for the machine learning applications in topological condensed matter physics. He is PhD student at Elena Vedmedenko's group and a frequent visitor.

MSc students

BSc students

Linus Lingstaedt

Linus wants to understand the spatial structure of Majorana quasiparticles at the end of topological superconductors in adatom systems.

Anna Junker

Anna wants to understand the spectroscopic response of electronic topological phases.

Former group members